Over a month ago, Ethan suggested we get a dog. Neither of us grew up with dogs at home. I’ve always thought dogs were cute, but I’m probably more of a cat person because of their independence and ease of care. Ethan’s extremely allergic to cats, though.

After both of us agreed we would enjoy the company of a dog and could spare the time needed for his or her care, we set to work researching breeds that would suit our lifestyle. Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 videos are wonderfully helpful to learn more about and compare breeds!

Considering that we’re in an apartment that restricts pet weight to 40 pounds, that narrowed the options a bit. We also wanted a breed that is good with novice owners, has low grooming requirements, and is not much of a barker.

Our favorite option so far is a Boston Terrier.

koka_sexton / flickr, no changes made (license)

Would you just look at that smooshed face, tuxedo patterned coat, and adorable bat ears?

I also love French Bulldogs, but Ethan would prefer a slightly more active breed. Plus, Frenchies are often super expensive because they are bred by artificial insemination. The poor little man-made dogs can’t mount the females.

I can’t say I’m surprised, but Boston Terriers have been very hard to find among the shelters in Michigan. Most shelters we’ve seen have many, many pit bull terriers, a breed that our apartment complex does not allow. The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue does have some dogs in Michigan and nearby states, but none seem to be quite what we are looking for. We are most interested in a dog 2 years or younger who is able to handle apartment living and does not have special medical needs.

We did find one dog rescue with an adorable dog named Oscar, a Boston mixed with most likely a rat terrier and maybe a chihuahua. We applied, drove down to meet him and his foster mom, but the competition for cute little Oscar got the best of us. Another loving family was selected to adopt him.

We’re still looking to become dog parents sometime this summer. It has been harder than we anticipated to find a dog who meets our criteria and is not a great distance away. Hopefully we can find a good fit for us to adopt at a shelter or rescue. I love the thought of giving an “unwanted” animal a chance at a better home. However, if it comes to it, we will go through a responsible dog breeder to get our fur-kid.


Featured image by Andrew Pons