This is the story of how I started using Pinterest and attempting to make artwork for my home.

When I moved into my first post-college apartment in the summer of 2015, I was faced with white, empty walls in every room. “Okay, Rachel, this isn’t college anymore,” I told myself. “Time to try to live like a civilized person, a real adult woman, and that means putting some art on the walls, and it better not all be printable art like you used to decorate your dorm room.”

Such began my journey diving into the Pinterest rabbit hole, pinning to my Apartment Art board, and slowly starting to copy the projects I found that seemed both beautiful and realistic to try. I will be sharing my attempts on this blog, along with suggested tips.

Now, I should give a disclaimer here: I haven’t taken real art classes since junior high, but I like making art. Replicating or imitating the arts and crafts of others is something I can usually do, given enough time.

First up in the DIY Debriefing series: Red & Gold Chevron Painting

I found the project on Pinterest made by Laura Wadsworth.

I bought the 24″ x 36″ canvas at Michaels during a summer art supply sale, and gold spray paint and blue painters tape at Walmart. I had a few shades of red acrylic craft paint and sponge brushes already.

I took the main idea of stenciling chevrons using painters tape but modified it so that the chevron lines would be gold rather than white.

The project itself is straightforward: Spray paint the canvas the color you want the chevrons to be (gold). Alternatively, leave the canvas white. Once dry, carefully measure and lay out the painters tape, using rulers and angle guides as needed. Paint the remaining space with the other color(s) you choose (Don’t forget the canvas edges!).


I originally didn’t plan to paint it plain red outside the lines. I thought I wanted red, purple, and orange shades that blended into each other, like the original watercolor look of the examples. My vision didn’t match what was actually happening when I tried painting on the canvas, due to the gold color underneath. I ended up painting more red over the purple and orange, resulting in a few shades of red that blended nicely.



  1. This project is fairly simple but requires attentiveness when taping the lines.
  2. There are many ways to go about painting the space between the lines. Don’t be afraid to try different colors and patterns.
  3. You will likely need more than one coat of paint to the cover spray paint beneath, if you do the project the way I did.
  4. In retrospect, matching so much of the color of a painting to a rug is kind of boring. Oh well; that’s a project for another day.