Sentimental is not a word often used to describe me. However, if I’m going to collect something physical to remember an event, I like it to be small. Ticket stubs do the trick. Might as well keep them in sight rather than tucked away in a memory box, right? Maybe they would look cute in a scrapbook, but that’s not really my thing.

Perusing Pinterest, I came across many cute designs for shadow boxes meant to hold used ticket stubs. They had decorative labels that said “Tickets” or “Admit One.” I liked the idea. Then I found some that said “Admit Two,” perfect for couples – just what I wanted.

I bought a shadow box. The next decision  was where to put this decorative label. Attach it to the back wall of the shadow box? You could see the label as long as the tickets didn’t accumulate to the top of the box. Attach it to the glass door? Always visible, but more challenging to apply.

I’m a fan of a new creative challenge. How could I transfer an image to glass? Could I make some kind of sticker decal?

I found some tutorials online that involved printing an image with computer ink and using acrylic gel medium. Huh, I don’t feel like buying that, I thought.

I found what I was looking for on Etsy at seller AmberRockstar: an Admit Two ticket decal – die cut, no background. That would be the quick and easy route for only a few dollars, but not very challenging.

I powered up my Photoshop alternative, whipped up this design, and printed it out in the size I wanted.


I bought a Duck tape brand 8.25″ x 10″ sheet of black duct tape at a craft store. Who knew they made those? I taped the design to the duct tape sheet, then painstakingly cut out all the black shapes with a craft knife and ruler.

Once the decal was cut, I carefully arranged it on the front of the glass door of the shadow box. It’s not perfect if you look up close, but it’s good enough for me.


Box is ready for tickets! Tickets can either be dropped into the bottom to start filling the box, or you can be like me and pin the tickets on the inside if your shadow box has a cork or fabric back wall.


  1. If you don’t feel like transferring an image onto glass or making your own decal, opt to either make a label to attach to the inside of the box, or buy a pre-made decal on Etsy.
  2. Buy a shadow box and label it. Throw in tickets. It’s that simple.


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