Not everyone loves puns, the category of wordplay that dad jokes heavily rely on. I happen to think they’re often charming, clever, and modest. Food puns, in particular, are almost universally relatable and very appropriate in a kitchen or dining room.

After seeing some food pun artwork on Pinterest, I decided to find puns I liked, make simple designs, and hang them up.

A quick online search for food puns gives plenty of material. Here are some highlights:

penne for your thoughts
romaine calm
be grateful (as in cheese grater)
donut give up
turnip the beet

For my 3 kitchen prints, I chose “Roll with It” (rolling pin), “Rise to the Occasion” (bread loaf), and “Catch You on the Flip Side” (spatula).

If you do an image search for any of those phrases, you’ll see what I was going for. I like short inspirational pun phrases that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Next I looked for free vector art/clip art for a rolling pin, bread loaf, and spatula. It took a little bit of time on Google, but not much. These are the ones I ended up using for the bread loaf and spatula. I can’t remember where I got the rolling pin.

I picked out a font, assembled my 3 designs in different colors in a Photoshop-type program, and took it to Staples to get prints in the size of my 3 cheap photo frames. If you have a nice printer that can handle big blocks of color, that would also work.




  1. No need to make your own if you don’t want; there are free printable designs online! Check out Hearts and Laser Beams for some cute ones, and the Shabby Creek Cottage for some elegant ones.
  2. If you make your own design, make sure you use a high resolution and save in high quality file format.
  3. Not all vector art is free, but there are some nice packages of kitchen items out there. You can also create your own images in Photoshop.
  4. You don’t have to use photo frames to hang prints on the wall. Why not use clipboards? or pin them on a chicken wire frame?
  5. Making your own prints is quite inexpensive. It cost me under $5 for all 3, including the frames.


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