Not too long ago I posted about the search for our first dog. Well, Ethan and I picked a Boston Terrier puppy!

The breeder lives near us on a family-run farm, and her husband is a veterinarian. Our pup may not be a rescue dog, but I’m glad to have peace of mind about his health and temperament.


This is our little one, who we are planning to take home on July 15th. He will be about 10 weeks old. We can’t wait!

He and his littermates have scientist names at the moment, which I took as a good sign! He’s Pascal, and his brothers are Tesla and Einstein. We think we will re-name him Cedric or Kendrick. We were also considering Louie or Hugo, but the hard consonants of Cedric/Kendrick might be easier for him to distinguish from other words.

Pascal is on the right, resting with his brother on a leather jacket. 

We are busy getting everything set for him at home. Crate, bed, baby gate, collar, harness/leash, toys, bowls… not to mention products to clean up potty accidents and locks to puppy proof the cabinets.

The part I’m most confused about is food. Having never owned a dog before, I hadn’t heard that many dog foods on the market are the equivalent of fast food for humans — cheap but not healthy. Thankfully, there are online forums that discuss ingredients to look for and to avoid. There is even a website called Dog Food Advisor that reviews dog foods.

Basically, from what I’ve read, dogs may be healthiest if fed a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet consisting mainly of raw meat, bones, etc. in specific proportions. It makes more sense than kibble, I guess. If I try to make my own food from whole, less processed ingredients, why should dog food be different? Maybe I’ll try raw feeding our dog eventually, once I feel confident that we can pick the right kinds of meat and the right balance so that he has the nutrients he needs.

We’re looking forward to a busy and fun summer with our new family member!