This is a DIY case of me trying to copy expensive retail wall decor using cheaper materials. These  Grandin Road Mirrored Wall Hangings (discontinued) sold for $79 for a set of 3.

My version is made from bass wood found at Menards in the craft wood section. I spray painted the panels gold with leftover paint from the chevron painting. It’s not quite as nice as cut mirrors, but it gives a nice touch to my bedroom and only cost $11 for the wood.


Here are schematics of the designs that I came up with based on the original designs.


I used Midwest Products bass wood that came packaged in 2 sheets of 3/32″ x 3″ x 24″. All of my wood pieces were cut to approximately 1″ width, as I cut the 3″ wide boards into 3 long strips. I ended up using 5 sheets with some leftover. The final panels are each approximately 12″ x 12″.

I cut all my wood with a craft knife and used pencil and ruler to help get straight lines and 45 degree angles. The wood is soft enough to cut with a bit of pressure and a few strokes of the craft knife, but it was time-consuming.

To get as straight a cut as possible, I marked the line with a ruler and pencil, lined up the ruler with the line, and scored the line with the knife a couple of times before removing the ruler and cutting all the way though the wood.

After checking that all the pieces could fit together well, I applied wood glue with a toothpick to the touching edges and let the panels dry before spray painting.


  1. Cutting pieces with a craft knife is slow going. If you are able to use a laser cutter or a rotary saw, that would be faster and may also allow you to use thicker material.
  2. Fine grit sandpaper helped to smooth rough cuts and make pieces fit together.
  3. Second cuts were needed for many of the wood pieces to make them small enough to fit into the panel. Perfect 45 degree angles are difficult to make! Plus, mathematical accuracy only goes so far when there is human error in the manufacturing process. 😉


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