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DIY Puppy Coats

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Easy Halloween Flying Bat Craft

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DIY Debriefing: Laundry Detergent

I had thought about making homemade laundry detergent for a while. But would it clean my clothes well? How much money would I save?

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DIY Debriefing: Geometric Panels

This is a DIY case of me trying to copy expensive retail wall decor using cheaper materials. Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Geometric Panels”

DIY Debriefing: Scrapbook Paper Canvas Art

Here’s another Pinterest find for wall art that should be fairly easy, inexpensive, and fun to make yourself! Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Scrapbook Paper Canvas Art”

DIY Debriefing: Kitchen Pun Prints

Not everyone loves puns, the category of wordplay that dad jokes heavily rely on. I happen to think they’re often charming, clever, and modest. Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Kitchen Pun Prints”

DIY Debriefing: Ticket Shadow Box

Sentimental is not a word often used to describe me. However, if I’m going to collect something physical to remember an event, I like it to be small. Ticket stubs do the trick. Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Ticket Shadow Box”

DIY Debriefing: Paint Chip Art

Paint chips, those free, colorful swatches available in the household paint section for picking the desired shade for your walls, are all over Pinterest. Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Paint Chip Art”

DIY Debriefing: Chevron Painting

This is the story of how I started using Pinterest and attempting to make artwork for my home. Continue reading “DIY Debriefing: Chevron Painting”

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